Saturday, January 3, 2015
Google Scholar is amazing when it comes to breadth and relevance of results. But the fact that it does seem to prioritize Nature, Science, Cell, Lancet instead of the more relevant open access papers is frustrating.

I would love to have more control over the limits in Scholar. For now NCBI wins every time.
Sunday, December 14, 2014
Scholar is rising to prominence, but it still lags behind Pubmed in many areas one being limits and export.

Here is a good overview of benefits and drawbacks of scholar:

Sunday, June 15, 2014
Again, my main threat in life is the loss of access to Google accounts. Google should consider adding biometric security and consider developing Google implants so that you could store parts of your google ecosystem inside you!

This is an amazing intro to Google Docs by Life Hacker!

And, of course, Google should start paying attention to companies like InSilico Medicine to make Google fans live longer and happier so that they could evolve together.
Monday, September 30, 2013
Google is great at everything. Recently they announced a company to fight death itself by engaging in aging research.


The contact management features in Gmail are way below Google's high standards. If you have a lot of contacts (imagine a few thousand) and you would like to clean some by filtering, you need to:
1. export the contacts into CSV
2. purge your contact book
3. open the CSV in Excel (or other more exotic software)
4. filter and manage the contacts in Excel
5. upload the contacts back to Gmail

This is a disaster. Please, Google, fix it!

And please consider switching to RSA security (or adding it to Android), I would really like to pay for this feature. SMSs just don't do it.
Thursday, May 16, 2013
Quote of the year, please share:

"There’s many, many exciting and important things you could do that you just can’t do ’cause they’re illegal or they’re not allowed by regulation. And that makes sense, we don’t want our world to change too fast. But maybe we should set aside some small part of the world ... I think as technologists we should have some safe places where we can try out some new things and figure out: What is the effect on society? What’s the effect on people? Without having to deploy it into the normal world. And people who like those kinds of things can go there and experience that."

- Larry Page, Google at Google I/O 2013

We need a place to test out some of the converging technologies in aging research and regenerative medicine. Please Like the AGING KILLS! campaign.
Monday, August 22, 2011
I love all tools by Google. Google Trends was an inspiration for creating FundingTrends.Org. 
But Google Ngram really sucks. Check out the Ngram result for the word "Google" or any other trademark. Results go back to 1800s... Perhaps they should take it off.
Google Ngram
Monday, July 4, 2011
As you know, I am a total google addict. And my biggest fear in life is waking up with all my Google services switched off. If the Bible was to be written today, a permanent disconnect from Google services and loss of data would be my version of hell.

So I was very ambivalent towards Google +.  From one perspective, I wanted to get an invite badly, but from another perspective, I would want to get the invite using another, less personal Gmail account, which I want to keep more or less secure.
From one perspective, they can kick FB's arse any day with a G-style social network, especially with the Android army lurking in the background and enormous Gmail population. And their strategy of making Google+ desirable by making it available to an exclusive group works well (it worked for Gmail).

But this strategy can also backfire. And the innocent Gmail users can be affected. Do you know how the invite looks like? Do you know who of your friends are using it?
What do you do if you get a Google+ invite from a friend and the link links you to the registration form requiring your email address and password.

Today I got this:

I got it right after waking up on my iPhone. The link led to a registration form asking to fill in the email and password. And my sleeping brain, after years of staying on the watch for pranks like that, made me type in the password. The craving to test the Google+ was bad... And obviously, I got an error message "you can't access Google+ right now".
And now I don't know whether it was a prank to steal my password or if this is a standard G-interface, but I can tell you one thing: If someone hacks your Facebook account, that may be painful, but tolerable. But if someone gets access to your Gmail/Google/Blogger/... unified password, you are in my version of modern hell....

Boo on Google for not thinking through the security strategy and not informing Gmail users about how the Google+ invites look like. Could be a good marketing strategy as well. What antitrust committee would charge a provider for an attempt to make the user base informed of possible pranks...




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